This month we have four new sound effects bundles for you

At Audioslug, we aim to bring you great stock sound effects bundles to help you with your projects. Add these sounds to your collection.

  • Spooky bundle – Add some haunted synths and creaky floorboards to enhance your video production
  • Weather bundle – Enhance your production with Rain, wind and sea audio sounds
  • Game bundle – Great game stock sound effects bundle
  • Transition bundle – Finally why not download some great menu and logo transition sounds
Details Item Price: £8.00
Spooky Stock Sound Effect Bundle

1195 Spooky Stock Sound Effects Bundle

Details Item Price: £8.00
Weather Stock Sound Effect Bundle

1194 Weather Stock Sound Effects Bundle

Details Item Price: £8.00
Game Stock Sound Effect Bundle

1193 Game Stock Sound Effects Bundle

Details Item Price: £8.00
Transition Stock Sound Effect Bundle

1192 Transition Stock Sound Effects

Audioslug offers an excellent range of quality paid audio samples. Starting at £1. Audio samples are high-quality wav and mp3 files.

Visit Awesome sound effects from Audioslug. To learn more about how to quickly locate the perfect sound for your project.

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