Tips for creating a great marketing video for your business

Creating a marketing video to showcase your company is a great way to attract potential customers. Considering the following steps should not only save you time and money but give your project focus too.

Keep your marketing video short and to the point

  • Don’t make it too technical or pushy
  • Focus on your potential customers’ needs and desires
  • Layout the content in your introduction
  • Add music to your video project to create the mood
  • Download some royalty free sample sounds to enhance your project
  • Above all be honest and educate your audience.

Wait don’t get the clapperboard out just yet

Considering the following steps will save you time and money and give your project focus.

  • Outline the key features of your product
  • Find someone within your organisation who comes across well on camera
  • Write a short script and agree with critical members of your organisation.

Once you’ve finalised your idea its time to consult a professional, someone who can help dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Find a videographer that can help

You may have lots of enthusiastic employees willing to help, but I suggest employing a videographer, they will help mould your idea into something special.

They may already have the required camera equipment and the necessary resources to hire further equipment.

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