Top 10 audio effects – October 2019

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

People always enquire what are my favourite Top 10 sound effects.

At this point, I scratch my head, gaze off into the distance and try and recall a favourite. Thinking often leads to long pauses in silence as more than one sound effect springs to mind.

So in the spirit of the famous British music charts – Top of the Pops. Here are my top ten sound effects in no particular order.

My top 10 favourite sound effects

  1. Coastal storm with wind sea and swirling leaves
  2. The sound of a smashing light bulb
  3. Victorian musical watch sound effect
  4. Motorbike
  5. Popcorn popping
  6. Stormy day
  7. Urban street noise
  8. Suspense feedback
  9. Alien whoosh swirl
  10. future-incoming call

In summary, I really enjoyed creating all these sounds. I particularly enjoyed smashing the light bulbs, who wouldn’t. The popping glass sound will make a great sound effect for future projects.

Top 10 most loved sounds

If you require some further reading. Here’s a study of the best-loved sounds Brits love. Sea, Rain and snow among the nation’s favourites.

  1. Waves against rocks
  2. Rain against the windows 
  3. Treading on snow 
  4. Baby laughing 
  5. Birds chirping 
  6. Crackling open fire 
  7. People laughing 
  8. Leaves crunching beneath your feet 
  9. Cat purring 
  10. Church bells in the distance

This was a fun post to create, so I may do another post soon as more sounds are created and added to the website.

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If you have any great sound suggestions please leave a comment.

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