How to find Stock sound effects for your movie projects

When you watch mainstream movies they don’t just look good they sound good too. Many of those stock sound effects need to be recorded, created and modified to suit the look and feel of the motion picture.

This article will focus on
• A bit about the history of sound and the foley artist
• What stock sound effects can lift my video project
• Where to find awesome sound FX for your project

History of Foley

Foley artists have been creating sound for radio, broadcast and cinema since the 1920s. Audio recorded onset wasn’t sufficient so the name Foley was born. It was the job of the Foley artist to create sound effects to enhance the final production.

Lift your next movie project

Foley or sound effects can be added to a film to bring an animated character alive. Steven Speilberg’s – Jaws would have never had the blockbuster impact if all you could hear was the sound of people pulling strings.

The sound of a crackling fire, the toasting of marshmallows and the tooting of an owl can add to the suspense of a group of travellers telling ghost stories around a woodland campfire.

Where to find awesome stock sound effects

If you need awesome FX, audio samples for your next project, look no further than Audioslug

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