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Download awesome Free stock sound effects for your next video project. At Audioslug, we aim to bring you free audio samples from time to time.

Here’s the latest free collection:

  • Phone text alert sound effect
  • Exploding dynamite sound effect
  • Human Heartbeat sound effect
  • Dripping water sound effect
  • Wood bending under stress sound effect
  • Gunfire sound effect
  • Satellite communication sound effect
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Audioslug - Interface Stock sound effects library

1150 Phone text alert

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walking on wood covered in snow

1130 Heartbeat sound effect

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Audioslug - Industrial Stock sound effects library

1128 Exploding dynamite

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Audioslug offers an excellent range of quality paid audio samples. Starting at £1. Audio samples are high-quality wav and mp3 files. 

Visit Awesome sound effects from Audioslug. To learn more about how to quickly locate the perfect sound for your project.

Useful Audioslug site links

  • Head over to button stock audio samples for Sticky wet sounds, interface sounds, computer keypads and pen clicks.
  • Click domestic audio samples for Doorbells, telephone, sweeping brush, musical watch, chains, lifts, typewriter, paint spray, motorbikes, grass cutting, popcorn, prison alarm and creaky, squeaky floorboards and doors.
  • Choose futuristic audio samples for Spaceships, robot fly, jetpack, alien and futuristic communication terminals.
  • Follow the link game stock sound samples for Swords, power-ups, taking damage, gunfire, laser gunfire and double shots.
  • Click on the link industrial stock audio samples for Tools, angle grinder, cameras, flashguns, clocks, printing, Airport intercom, mechanical motors, pinball and cinematic bass booms.
  • Select interface samples for Phone alerts, Amp feedback, bubbles, Satellite communications and electronic interfaces.
  • Head over to nature Samples for Coastal weather, rain, wind, thunder and animals.
  • And finally, click seasonal stock sound effects for Spooky Halloween and Christmas celebration.

Are you searching for spooky horror sound effects then head over to Spooky horror sounds. Food sounds from the kitchen, then goto Food and kitchen sounds. Go to Chinese New Year sound effects for seasonal and festive sounds. You may also like to read:  My top 10 sound effects to transform your next video project

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